Several years before the Eagles teams were created, Kenneth W. Hagin dreamed of establishing a collegiate- level basketball program for Rhema Bible Training College. When the Ninowski Recreation Center was built in 1989, Rev. Hagin deliberately built the gym to collegiate basketball-court specifications with his dream in mind.
Sports have always been a part of Rev. Hagin’s life. He’s highly competitive and his personal motto is “I cannot be defeated, and I will not quit!” He didn’t know how or when his vision for a Rhema collegiate basketball team would come to pass. But he knew if he wouldn’t quit believing, his aspiration would eventually become a reality. In 1993, Rhema approached NBCAA Christian college coaches asking if the school could participate in the upcoming 1993–1994 season. Rhema’s participation seemed unlikely. Rhema was a two-year, non- accredited school and most NBCAA colleges are four- year, accredited schools. But the coaches allowed Rhema to compete. That fall, Rhema began its first year of intercollegiate athletics in men’s basketball.

Live, Demonstrate, Preach, and Proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.RHEMA EAGLES

The Eagles are now in their 23rd season. The Lady Eagles, formed in 1998, are in their 18th season. Rev. Hagin is proud of the Eagles teams and is one of their biggest fans. He’s often seen on the sidelines cheering with Rhema’s student body.
The Eagles have won seven national championships and the Lady Eagles, six. The victories have given Rhema a greater platform from which to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. As past Rhema teams reflected on their seasons, they talked about the friendships they developed, their personal growth, and their deeper relationship with God.
Rhema’s basketball program provides an atmosphere and a platform from which the Eagles can live, demonstrate, preach, and proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Eagles continue to represent Rhema in both godly conduct and high-quality athletic performance—all to the glory of God!