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Training for Life

Training for Life

New players. New challenges. Same Spirit.

For the Lady Eagles, this proved to be a tough season for each of them, but they learned the meaning of perseverance. “You’re never lost until you give up,” says Head Couch Kerri Sharp. She recalls a practice that became a turning point. “They were tired of getting beat up. They started standing up. They began to fight.”
The Lady Eagles won several games that they could’ve lost, by rising to a higher standard. Coach Sharp relates this to our spiritual walk with God. “In real life there’s an enemy that wants to come after you. In real life you have to have something in you that’s not gonna allow you to conform to this world.”
The godly wisdom that Coach Sharp has invested in each woman has changed their lives. Bayley Bodien, a team captain, remembers something that coach would always say: “This is not just about basketball. This is training for life.” Even when they were down in a game by 50 points, Bayley knew they had already won because of the “In Christ” realities that were put in them.

“This is not just about basketball. This is training for life.” Kerri Sharp, Rhema Lady Eagles Head Coach
“Being 28, I never thought I would play college basketball, but God had other plans.” Bayley learned that when God calls you, He equips you—He gives you the strength! “He strengthened my body, allowed me to run my fastest mile in under 8 minutes, and complete a line drill in less than 35 seconds.”
Each woman’s basketball skills were sharpened and each one’s spirit was sharpened. “We work on the inside the whole year,” Coach Sharp shares. “When you keep yourself on fire with the Word, everything else stays on fire.”
Even though this season didn’t bring all the wins they would’ve liked, these Lady Eagles have Champion hearts. Their growth was phenomenal, and we are looking forward to a bright future for them!

Rhema Eagles Take the Win!

Rhema Eagles 2017 ACCA Champions

RHEMA Eagles Take the Win!

Heading into the ACCA Tournament with many wins under their belt, the Rhema Eagles were prepared to win the championship! However, it wasn’t easy—there was a fight of faith!

For Dallas Doku, who has played with the Eagles for four years, the mental aspect of the game was the most challenging. The Eagles were down almost 20 points. “It was crazy because everyone knew we would come back and win with all the hard work we put in,” Dallas shared. “If you let the devil in your mind, then he instills things not of God… if you don’t have the mind of Christ in the biggest game of the year then the outcome won’t really be successful.” But the entire team was determined and struck back, with a win of 97 to 83 against Trinity.

Head Coach Perry Shockley was thrilled with the outcome, but more importantly, the growth he saw in each player. “That night a lot of the guys played really well. It was exciting to see them be focused and come out ready to finish what they started the season for… we play to win, but ultimately it’s gonna be the growth individually that you see transform your life. They’ve grown into young men who know how to take on adversity and be strong in the midst of pressure.”

“We are champions in Christ on the inside long before we see it on the outside. Defeat can be all around us; we just can’t let it get inside us.”—Perry Shockley, Rhema Eagles Head Coach

Playing basketball has helped many of the players mature during their years at Rhema Bible College as well. They can take what they learn in the classroom and put it to work on the court. Doku recalls, “Basketball has taught me submission, how to push through, how to use my faith, and through trials and tribulations, to keep believing in God.”

Coach Shockley said he would have parents come up to him and thank him for what the Eagles program has done for their sons. It’s their strong team mentality: They are always family.

“Winning this tournament meant a lot to me, because these guys mean a lot to me. We’re all a family, and to win was special because we’re all a part of each other and won together,” Shockley shared.

Congratulations RHEMA Eagles! What a way to finish the season!